Thursday, September 10, 2009

Putin's indirect advice to Obama

Prime Minister Putin, of Russia, isn't happy with the competitiveness of Russia's industrial sector. So he simply opts to 'tell' engineers and business-leaders to be more productive. The man certainly has a right to demand that government payouts are used wisely to spur efficiency, innovation and quality products.

Putin is pulling the name-and-shame trick out of his magician's hat.

But while Mr. Putin is at it, he could also just 'tell' Russians to start having more babies, considering Russia's declining demographics and the threat this poses for the country's economic prospects.

Maybe Obama should do the same thing and just 'tell' the American automakers to improve their competitiveness, and scold the healthcare sector into becoming more efficient and freeing-up money for his reform agenda.

See how simple things are on the other side of the world, why do American's have to make everything so complicated?

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