Sunday, June 14, 2009

Krauthammer's acceptance speech

Those of you who have heard of Charles Krauthammer - the man who wrote 'The Unipolar Moment' and coined the term unipolarity in international relations parlance - will be interested in reading his acceptance speech upon receiving the 2009 Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism.

Now there is no doubt that he is an intelligence man with an astute political agenda. But his attack on the "ideological and intellectual monopoly" of the left in the mainstream media obscures the real point: he is a neoconservative ideologue who failed miserably along with the rest of his ideological buddies to grow any sustainable roots in the American and international political scenes during the eight disastrous years of W's administration.

That neoconservative ideology and policies - be it foreign or domestic - failed, is no fault of the 'Communist media', but a direct result of the men and women who led the United States government into quagmires abroad, and profligacy at home.

Of course, he has since conveniently distanced himself from the core neocon elites on issues such as the Iraq War. But this will not change the fact that the men and women who thought-about, formulated and implemented the policies under Bush were mostly implementing the ideological vision of the 'right', of which Mr. Krauthammer is a staunch supporter. Look where that brought the world...

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