Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snacks for Thought, AfPak version: May 9, 2009

Obama campaigned on the message that Bush "took his eyes off the ball" by going to Iraq when the real threat always came from within Afghanistan. True to his word, upon taking power Obama is revamping U.S. policy towards the Afghan conflict and reevaluating the so-called AfPak strategy.

On this note, this week's Snacks for Thought zeroes in on Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  1. Charlie Rose in an exclusive interview with the Afghan and Pakistani presidents -
  2. Naomi Wolf on Afghanistan's beourgening feminist movement -
  3. Take it or leave it! Gideon Rachman on America's loveless relationship with the AfPak Presidents -
  4. From Taliban to military Junta: Is that really the answer? -

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