Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good fortune in economic downturn for some

In hard economic times it becomes hard to soak in all the negative and depressing news. So as hard as it may be, let's look on the bright side for a change.

Who is experiencing good fortunes during this crisis?

1. Safe manufacturers and sellers (as trust in banks and financial assets wanes, what is more reassuring than stuffing those hard-earned savings into a personal safe at home - just like the old days?)

2. Sports-stars (people need heroes to give them hope and sports-stars become rallying flags for national morale)

3. Wal-Mart (ever the bargain-hunter's destination when wallets are strapped for cash)

4. Financial media (everyone wants to know "what the heck is going on and when will all this be over?")

5. Organ meets (who needs a luxurious steak when you can opt for cheaper and equally delicious tongue or tripe meat?)

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